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Thanks to our jabber service you can use Facebook-Chat, Skype and ICQ on your good old Macintosh! Here is how we get you online:

  1. Get a jabber client. We recommend using Jabbernaut. Download the PPC or 68K version from the MacGarden.

  2. Install it on your harddisk. (really a no-brainer, right?)

  3. Start Jabbernaut. Choose "New Profile" from the Menu.

  4. In the upcoming dialog, choose new if you haven't already registered with our server. (not likely at this step)

    Jabbernaut dialog new profile

  5. Now enter a username and a password. Leave the resources field alone. Enter as the address. See below screenshot:

    Jabbernaut dialog new profile

  6. After creation, choose to save your profile and put it somewhere on your hdd.

  7. Now login for the first time via the menu item Action --> login

  8. You'll be online, but without contacts. From the Windows menu choose Agents.

  9. If you're properly connected, you should see the Agents for ICQ, Facebook & more. See screenshot:

    Dialog with list of available gateways

  10. Now add the respective services. You'll need to enter your credentials and it will update your contact list.

  11. Have fun and chat away on your trusty old Macintosh like it's still the 90s! :-)

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